Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Fun - July Release Blog Hop

Hello, all you wonderful, "Expressive," and crafty people.  Thanks so much for participating in our Mini Hop this past weekend.   I planned to have our winners announced yesterday when our main challenge posted, but it seems that I our over extended myself and unfortunately this was one the projects I had to put on a back burner.  I appreiciate your Patience.  So here we go:

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All Prizes except one** were chosen by Random Drawing

The Winner of 5 Digis from our Sponsor:  Jovan  - Comment #2

The Winner of The Robert Jackson July Release Party Images: 
#1 - Toneshia
#10 Margaret

The Winner of 5 Images From Digi Darla and The Entire RJ July Release
Aunty Sue #8 

**And because at JDE we believe everyone of you is a winner, each person who left a comment with the correct answer, but did not win a prize, will get to choose one image from the July release!

Special Mystery Grab Bag Drawing Winners
#10  Margaret
One Image from  Guylou's Inimiitability 
One Image from Bugaboo Stamps
One Image from A Day For Daisies
One Image from Mayzy Art Stamps
One Image from My Heart Pieces
One Image from Digistamps 4 Joy

Thanks so much ladies!  Please e-mail me at to claim your prizes

Some of you left answers on the  individual designers blogs instead of here at the main blog.  I will ask each blog owner to have a random drawing and send me the names of their winners.  Each winner will receive a free Robert Jackson Digi.   Thanks again, for making our Hop so much fun!!  We appreciate your continuing support of  Jackson's Digital Expressions.

Chana Harris and Robert Jackson

Looking for the Anything Goes Challenge #12?  Click Here

Challenge Ends on August 6, 2012
DigiDarla is the brain child of Kim Eskola and her daughter Emilea. 
Emilea and I both enjoy creating and when the idea of creating digital stamps came up, it sounded like the most wonderful way to earn ever! There was only one problem! We are both shy and dislike the center of attention! As a way of "hiding behind the scenes" and avoiding having one spokeswoman, 
DigiDarla was born! 
Working with Emilea on this project has been a wonderful blessing and has stretched both of us. Emilea is a busy teen with her passion for art and training our 2 horses, piano and violin lessons, and squeezing in high school classes somewhere in between! She is also the oldest daughter in a family of 11! 
Denise is a member of the Digi Darla Design Team

So lets's get to it!

The rules are very simple.  We are asking this "Burning" question: "What is Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Blue and has Rings?"  As you visit each blog, look for the mystery words which are hints to help you answer the question.  At the end of the hop, return here and leave a comment which includes your answer to the Mystery Question!

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Who is this former American track and field athlete?

You will find the answer in the post of one of the blogs on the hop.  When you post your comment, mention the name of the Athlete and the Blog on which it was found.  Your name will be entered in a special drawing for a mystery (virtual) grab bag prize.

Before March 1976, this person ran only one 400 m hurdles race, but then began focusing on the event and made remarkable progress. The athlete's trademark technique was to take a constant 13 steps between each of the hurdles, pulling away in the second half of the race as rivals changed their stride pattern. That summer, he/she qualified for the US team for the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal,  In his/her first international meet, he/she won the gold medal and set a world record of 47.63 seconds.
After breaking his/her own world record the following year, he/she lost to West Germany's Schmid on 26 August 1977 in Berlin, his/her fourth defeat in the 400 m hurdles. Beginning the next week, when he/she beat Schmid by 15 meters in Düsseldorf, he/she did not lose another race for nine years, nine months and nine days.
By the time American ------- Harris beat him/her in Madrid on June 4, 1987, This athlete had won 122 consecutive races, set the world record two more times, won three World Cup titles, a World Championship gold, and earned his/her second Olympic gold medal in Los Angeles, where he/she was selected to take the Olympic Oath. After losing to Harris, he/she won 10 more races in a row, collecting his/her second world gold in Rome in August of the same year, and then finished third in the final 400 m race of his/her career at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. As of 1 April 2012, he/she still holds 25 of the 100 fastest times in the 400 metres hurdles. (excerpted from wikipedia)

If you can name the countries repersented by the colors shown here, you could win more images!  Include your response in your comment AFTER you have finished the hop!

Digi Darla Stamps


Toneisha B. said...

Really enjoyed looking at everyones' projects! I think the answer would have to be the olympics! Thanks for the blog hop!

Jovan said...

Fun hop, Congrats on the new sponsor!
The answers are:
Olympic symbol,
Edwin Moses(found on Chana blog) and the last one
The Americas

Sharon Sutton said...

Answer found on
Edwin Moses
Olympic Ring Symbol

Carla S. said...

Great hop! The answer to the burning question is Olympics flag/logo/symbol.
Athlete is Edwin Moses. He was mentioned on Chana's blog.

Karen B said...

Fun blog hop. All the cards were very nice. The answers is the Olympic Rings. The Athlete is Edwin Moses found on Chana's blog. The answer to the other question on Chans's blog about the first gymnast to receive a perfect 10 is "Nadia Comaneci" and her coach was "Bela and Marta Karolyi".


Denise Pustelniak said...

Hi, thank-you for featuring my card!
The answer is "The Olympics"

Beebeebabs said...

Fun blog hop - Olympics rings

Aunty Sue said...

Hi the answer is edwin Mosses found on Chana blog and the rings represent the oympics
These five rings -- blue, yellow, black, green and red -- represent the five parts of the world now encompassed by Olympism and ready to compete against each other. Moreover, the six colors (including the white background) thus combined represent those of all nations, without exception. The blue and yellow of Sweden, the blue and white of Greece, the French, English, American, German, Belgian, Italian and Hungarian tricolors, the yellow and red of Spain are side by side with the new Brazilian and Australian flags, the old Japan and the new China. It is a true international emblem."

Proudmommy702 said...

I love all the projects on everyones Blog. The answer to the "burning question" is the Olympic rings. The athelete is Edwin Corley Moses. The answer was on Chana's page. The first athelete to score a perfect 10 in gymnastics was Nadia Comaneci. Her coach was Bela Karolyi.
Thanks for sharing the new digi stamps with us. Blessings.

Margaret said...

Great Hop. Enjoyed seeing everyone's creations. The answer to the question is the Olympic Rings symbol. The athlete is Edwin Moses which was on Chana's blog. The first athelete to score a perfect 10 in gymnastics was Nadia Comaneci. Her coach was Bela Karolyi. The colors of the rings symbolize the 5 continents and appear on all the national flags of the world in 1992. The continents are Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia.

Netta said...

great summer blog hop, everyone did a fantastic job!!! The burning question-answer is the Olympic rings.

Kimberly said...

Ok, for sure it's the olympic games/rings...i can't wait to watch...the athlete is Edwin Moses and Nadia Comaneci and her coach was Béla Károlyi. The colours of the rings represents all the flag colours of every nation...great hop, tfs